We carefuly select and grade the best product we can find. Quality is our signature.


We feel responsable to be fair, loyal and respectuful toward our clients, our partners and above all to the environment.


We are a small business, working with local products. Being true and transparent is our way of working.

Forest for Dinner’s mission is to forage the best wild food available with great respect for nature; and to retail it to our happy customers concerned by their wellbeing as well as a sustainable approach to the food system.

Our business started with a great passion for the outdoor and for the gathering of edible resources. Living outdoor is part of our life: we travelled the world for many years, and have spent lots of time picking fruit and gathering wild food everywhere we have been. When we settled in Canada, we started to gather morels in remote areas of the country.

Quickly, we realized the incredible diversity of other mushrooms and wild edible products overflowing the landscape of Canada: this is when we got the idea to bring those richness to every gourmet that like wild food as much as we do. We are based in Vancouver Island, but travel across the country from time to time to source some products that can’t be found here. 

Our personal ethic drive us to focus on quality. We have loyal customers coming back to us because we never let them down on the freshness of our mushrooms. Also, we try to educate people as much as we can (with books, picture albums, identification pages of the mushrooms we gather, etc.). We strongly believe that sharing is growing and the more people know about their food, the better it is for our planet.

People who have been in a journey with us (either for a day or a month), never forgot their experience. Our enthusiasm for what we do seems to be contagious! Our picking partners experience more than just a basic day at work …we share a strong passion for wild gathering, we share a lifestyle and we share unique moments that will stay forever in everyone’s life.

Join us, follow us and support us in our incredible adventure… wilderness is just at your door step!

Benjamin Patarin

“I have always been an enthusiast forager. It all started when I was a 2 years old boy, collecting wild blueberries in the French Alps… Since then, everywhere I have been, I couldn’t help myself from putting my hands on every edible fruit, plant or mushroom I could find. After completing my master degree in Agroforestry, I now focus on wild edible food and especially on wild edible mushrooms of western Canada. Combined with my passion for cooking, I created my dream job with Forest For Dinner. I hope you will appreciate eating the delicacies I found in the forest as much as I enjoyed picking them!"


Celia Auclair

“I am an adventurer, always searching for crazy mission that sounds impossible! Forest For Dinner is a bit of a crazy dream that I chose to fulfill. After completing my bachelor in business administration, I soon understood that business could be carried out in many ways…great news! Being in the wilderness of Canada for fun and having my own business were compatible! Now my office is in the wild, and my job is to bring pleasure to people around me, sharing the bounty of nature. I hope you will love our products as much as I enjoyed preparing them for you."


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"Gathering wild food is not just a living, it’s a lifestyle"

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