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Preparing Chaga Tea

Chaga Chunk

Chaga Chunk

Chaga Nuggets

Chaga Nuggets

Chaga Chunk

Chaga Chunk

Chaga Powder

Chaga Powder

Chaga mushroom on birch tree

Chaga mushroom on birch tree

Chaga tea has been famous for centuries for its great health value among indigenous people of Siberia. This fungus grows on birch trees in cold areas, such as northern parts of Canada. Because of its high level of SOD (superoxide Dismutase), that is a strong antioxidant and its rich nutrients, it is considered to be an excellent immune system booster and great for improving health condition and vitality.

To enjoy at his best the benefits of Chaga, a hot-water extraction process is needed in order to break down the chitin (“the harder shell”) and release the active components of the fungus.

Here are the different steps to follow using the hot-water extraction method, depending on the form/quantity of Chaga you are using.

  • Chaga powder:

    • 1 L of water per 10g

    • Brewing time: 3-4 hours

    • You can’t reuse the Chaga after brewing your tea


  • Chaga nuggets:

    • 1 L of water per 20g

    • Brewing time: 4-5 hours

    • You can reuse the Chaga 1 to 2 times after


  • Chaga chunk:

    • 1 L of water per 40g

    • Brewing time: 7-8 hours

    • You can reuse the Chaga 3 to 4 times after

Rehydrating your Dried mushrooms

First, pour the Chaga in a pot and add the adequate quantity of water. Heat the pot at a low to medium heat (about 150 degrees).

DO NOT bring it to a boil as you might destroy some very important components of the tea!

Let the Chaga simmer for several hours (from 3 to 8 hours depending on the form of the Chaga, or even longer to have a more concentrated form of the tea). It will develop a rich coffee color as it simmers.

Strain your tea. You will have a highly concentrated liquid. To drink the tea, we advise you to use only a small quantity of this liquid and to complete with warm water to your taste (you can also use a bit of concentrated Chaga tea in any other beverage).


The excess of concentrated tea can be store in the fridge and consumed within a few days. If you can’t consume it all at once, then you can freeze the excess in ice cube trays. Then, simply add them to any beverage you like!

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